Aircraft Defense did the unthinkable in shutting down Brown

He was very expected for this unexpected year.

Were the planes Without the defensive linear star Quinin Williams. Brown, who scored 10 wins in town after racking up five wins in six matches with a swift attack, finished third in the league.

So, of course, in the form of the 2020 model year, seven players have played at the top like the best unit in the league.

Brown held, who were Without their first four receptors due to COVID-19 protocols, To 45 yards accelerated at 18 cart. Baker sacked Mayfield four times, which is equivalent to a season high. Nick Chubb was held in season low 28 yards. With the game in the balance, the transformations forced the last Cleveland possessions and produced three in all.

„This proves that we have not quit, and that we are still approaching every week to win,” outside full-back Tarel Basham after Gang Green won their second in a row, 23-16, over Brown At MetLife Stadium without a fan on a Sunday afternoon. “Great game plan. Our coaches put us in a position to play in the plays and we came today to play. We played with energy and enthusiasm, circled around and reached the ball. „

John Franklin Myers, Frankie Lovou, Nathan Shepherd and Basham all had bags. Basham forced two sensations and created another lofu. Franklin Myers and Foloronso Vatukasi each recovered one.

Basham was the big star, making a big showing in the last minutes. With Gates leading by four points in the late fourth quarter, Mayfield shot from behind, causing the ball to slip. He led to a field goal for Jet and a seven-point lead.

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But Brown had one last chance and turned to the 16-yard Jets streak. In fourth and third places, Mayfield kept it. But while trying to gain extra yards, Basham stripped him of the ball again, clinching victory with 1:25 left.

“We took a lot of knockout from inside,” Basham said. „We took a lot of knockout indoors that Baker had nowhere else to go, forcing him to slip my way.”

„Mubarak, frankly, to be able to perform such a play as a team at such a crucial moment in the match,” he added.

The The Aircraft Defense was burned by the Seahawks for 41 points And 410 yards on December 13th. The previous week, he is The invaders were allowed to prevail In a long pass with five seconds remaining. But in the past two weeks, Al Wehdah has rallied strongly against Ramez and Browns, defeating a pair of potential teams after allowing at least 30 points in five of its previous six matches.

“The men keep fighting.“ It means a lot to us as players that we come to play to win, actually win the game and not just keep coming home to the losers, ”Basham said. This is the last thing you want, to go home and explain to your children every week that you are a loser.

„You want them to be winners, but you don’t seem to be winning. So that’s a big deal for us players.”

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