Alex Trebek’s daughter Nikki remembers her father after the broadcast of his final episode: „Danger! Forever!”

Alex Trebeek's daughter Nikki celebrates her late father after his final movie & quot;  Jeopardy & quot;  The episode aired on January 8, 2020 (Photo: Emma McIntyre / Getty Images for TCM)
Alex Trebek’s daughter, Nikki Trebek, celebrates her late father after the latest episode „Jeopardy” premieres on January 8, 2020 (Photo: Emma McIntyre / Getty Images for TCM)

Alex TrebekNikki Trebek’s daughter honors her father a day after the late one Danger! Aired the last episode of the host.

„Danger! Forever!” Nikki wrote in a Facebook post, snapped it in a screenshot and posted it to Instagram Account at. Saturday. In the comment, she added „I was extraordinary !!!” The hashtag #wemissyoudad.

In her Instagram Stories, Nikki has gone on to celebrate her hosting parent Danger! Since 1984, even after that Announcing his cancer diagnosis In March 2019. Nicky A. video editing From her father swaying on Danger! A group, along with a shot of Alex pumping his fist in the air as he walks off stage.

Alex, 80 years old He died of pancreatic cancer On November 8th, stage 4 pancreatic cancer.

Friday episode saw a series of tributes to the beloved host. The montage of funny moments included Trebek making jokes, disturbing lines, and even walking into the studio Without pantsYahoo Entertainment Previously mentioned. The show ended with a cut for Alex saying „Long!” Over the years, before going outside the scenes. „Dedicated to Alex Trebek, forever in our hearts, always our inspiration,” reads the last letter.

Back in November, the show announced that several interim hosts would take over hosting duties once Trebek’s pre-recorded episodes aired. Ken Jennings The Danger! The hero, who is now working as a consulting producer, will be one of the guest hosts, along with Katie Couric.

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