Apple and Hyundai sign an Apple auto deal by March with production to begin in 2024

Apple and Hyundai will reach a partnership agreement in the future Apple Car By March, according to a new report he shared Reutersaccording to Korea IT News.

Before reviewing it, the Korea IT News The report said that companies may build electric cars at a plant in Georgia owned by Kia Motors, a subsidiary of Hyundai Motor Group, or invest in a new facility in the United States that can produce up to 400,000 cars annually. The report also stated that a „beta version” of Apple Car‌ could be launched in 2022.

Reuters Last month mentioned The production of „Apple Car” may begin around 2024, and that timeframe was echoed again in today’s report. Getting started in production in 2024 might be a bit ambitious, like the Report from Bloomberg He said last week that Apple Caro was “not close to production” and could be ready in five to seven years.

Rumors that Apple is in negotiations With Hyundai debuting last week, indicating that Apple plans to work with the automaker to produce electric cars and develop batteries due to rising costs for the technology and production facilities needed.

Hyundai at the beginning Has been confirmed Discussions about her electric car with Apple in a statement CNBCBut no The statement has been revised Hours later without mentioning Apple.

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