Chrishell Stause reacts to criticism of family photos with Keo Motsepe

It was some internet Not Happy with – cheerful than Crichl Stoose To take her boyfriend and Dancing With The Stars forefront Q Mozebi To meet her family over Christmas during a global pandemic.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has urged people to further reduce the chances of the coronavirus spreading by avoiding gatherings with anyone who does not live with them. That hasn’t stopped millions of people, including the couple, from ignoring the plea, with peace of mind by taking COVID-19 tests before their celebrations and trips to see their loved ones after months of self-isolation.

Chrichelle brought Q. to meet her sister and one of the women’s husband-and-children, who live near St. Louis, during the vacation and posted a photo of the group sitting together on the sofa in matching pajamas. The pic has drawn criticism from some users, including one who wrote, „Please pay attention to your platform. It’s not good for showing big family gatherings. It makes others think it’s okay.” After controversy, he is 39 years old Sunset Sale Star statement on Instagram.

“For those of you who are talking about COVID-19 concerns, I understand and agree that this has not been a good use of my platform,” writes Kreshel, who lives and works in Los Angeles. „I usually always try to be socially responsible for my posts because I am naturally a compassionate person. I can see how this does not show that to some. I understand you will not agree, but at least you can see where I am coming from – this is my immediate family and we are all capable of The test before and after that. „

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