Final Match Report – Second Australia vs India Test 2020


Bumrah was excellent the whole time, and Ashwin got Smith for Duck and Siraj throw with speed and action

India 36 for 1 (Generation 28 *, Bugara 7 *) Australia 195 (Labuschagne 48, Bumrah 4-56, Ashwin 3-35) with 159 runs

Indian bowlers did all they could be asked on the opening day of Boxing Day as they cleared Australia for 195 with Jaspert BomraAnd the R. Ashwin A cool appearance before Muhammad Seraj With the host side unable to spread half a century between them.

Faced with just under an hour’s worth of bats at the end of the day, and 36 are all still fresh in memory, Mitchell Stark’s thunderous debut – among the best you’ll see to start the roles – concluded with Mayank Agarwal being a well-knit lbw to stay tuned Life in the first five deliveries.

even with Just 27,615 spectators (a victory for many reasons), the ground reverberated with excitement for what may be about to unfold, but apprentice Shopman Jill and experienced Chicheshwar Bogara took the sting from the mini-session – with the help of a Jill who was dropped in 4 in a slip of Marnus Labuschagne – So much so, that they scored three and a half times.

Australia’s total of 191 first rounds followed at Adelaide as the ball continued its reign in the early stages of the series, and it was the opening day of this MCG rooftop test that offered more encouragement than anything else in recent memory. Those planning to attend the fourth day will be nervous.

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Bomrah was excellent all the time, Ashwin beat Stephen Smith for the second time in the series (Smith’s first test duck in four years) and Saraj, who was filling Muhammad al-Shami’s shoes while running with speed and movement, and his second spell read 9-4-16-2 Including the classic work on fellow audition rookie Cameron Green.

Ashwin was superb, as they both maintained the scoring rate – he conceded only 1.46 points each more – and claimed that three of the top seven were offered in 11th place by substitute captain Agincia Raan who was the last to spend an impressive day with bowling and field tactics. The dismissals of Smith, Labushageny and Travis Head were all perfectly executed plans.

The opening slot for the day was also a bit more work as Joe Burns wrestled off the torso before he landed a slender ledge against Bomrah at the fifth end. While he wasn’t alone in the fight, if David Warner returned for the third test, someone would have to stand aside and might need to demonstrate another faith from the limiter.

For a while it looked as if Matthew Wade would add more pressure to the debate as he dominated early scoring with a clear, confident lead the kind that Warner excels at, but canceled out the good work in the drinks hit when he tried to fire Ashwin. Leg side. However, the dismissal owes everything to Ravindra Gadega’s brilliance on the field who grabbed onto his shoulder despite his close collision with Jill, and after grabbing the ball he was still able to avoid trampling his teammate.

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Smith struggled 29 balls for one in the first innings in Adelaide but couldn’t break the mark this time when he sneaked a peek at a cargo from his platforms to Bogara at a leg sliding that had a high chance. The hands he found with this dramatic effect had temporarily disappeared in the one-day series a few weeks ago. Australia was 38 to 3.

For the 28 runs on both sides of the lunch, Labuschagne and Head did a solid overhaul even though Labuschagne looked all over the world that he had gone lbw at 26 when he was sweeping Ashwin only to track the ball to show the delivery clearing the stumps. There were signs the first storm was being overcome when Head, in particular, began to find scoring a little easier, but it was just an illusion.

Rahani chose not to bring back the Boomra when it seemed to be a distinct moment for the strike pitcher, but when he did, the effect was not so long that, on more than one ball involving two balls without a ball, he found the outer edge of the head around – the wicket line that often annoyed the left batsman. And the captain took a sharp hold around the fourth slide.

Labuschagne scored useful courses in the series, but didn’t look as stable as his bountiful summer 2019-2020, and he definitely had to work harder for them. The scoring captured Ashwin and Siraj’s accuracy with 10 runs in eight runs before Labushan Serag crossed into the leg groove as his fellow rookie Jill continued on the day of a good catch-up in India.

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It was clear Tim Payne who Survived the border line ran out at 6 When he was saved with a missing tire, he wanted to introduce more urgency, but it was a struggle for Green who kept hitting the field and fell into perfect position. Siraj sent a series of displaced people before returning one of them to Green Towel. The control and precision in dismissing Siraj capped his impressive first day in a cricket test.

Australia’s hopes for counterattack were further affected the next time when Pine became the last to be caught behind the square, causing Ashwin to slip. Without their captain to direct them as he did in Adelaide, the last three wickets would have been expected to raise the total quite far, but Nathan Lyons hitting them by 20 got them to the edge of 200.

The odds arising from Starc’s early response have faded slightly with the shutdown, but India’s hit lineup must face strict scrutiny tomorrow. Their hopes for the series could depend on how they progressed.

Andrew McGlachan is Deputy Editor at ESPNcricinfo

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