Gap is gaining 10,000 users per hour, the CEO claims, following Trump’s permanent suspension on Twitter

gave, Which is an alternative platform to more conservative social media TwitterOn Saturday, it claimed to be gaining 10,000 users per hour following Twitter’s permanent suspension President Trumpaccount.

Trump has also been banned from posting The social networking site Facebook And the Instagram – At least until the end of his term.

“Traffic continues to grow continuously, and there are more servers on the road today,” said Gab Andrew Torba CEO Wrote On the site Saturday.

Trump and several prominent supporters such as General Michael Flynn and attorney Sidney Powell have also been banned from Twitter after the deadly pro-Trump riots in U.S. Capitol building Wednesday.

Apple and GOOGLE PARLER have discontinued their app stores

Torba tweeted late on Saturday that the site had 18 million hits on Saturday and 500,000 new users.

Gap, which launched a few years ago, calls itself „a social network championing freedom of expression, individual freedom and the new free flow of information over the Internet.”

Twitter shares drop nearly 4% in the trading hours following Trump’s ban

Conservatives have long complained that big tech companies are censoring their views in favor of the liberals, a feeling the speed of Trump’s comment.

Donald Trump Jr tweeted on Saturday: „Freedom of expression is under attack! Censorship is happening like never before! Don’t let them silence us.”

Google And the an Apple Also Hanging Parler From their app stores on Saturday.

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After his ban, Trump briefly used his official Potus account to accuse Twitter of „banning freedom of expression” and declared that he „is negotiating with various other sites, and will make a big announcement soon, while also looking at the possibilities of building our own platform in the near future. We will not be silenced!”

Twitter quickly removed the tweets from Potus’ account, citing it Policy To banned users who try to circumvent it via other accounts.

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