Google says it will update its iOS apps with privacy details starting this week

Earlier today, it was reported that Google has not updated any of its iOS apps Since December 7, that is, a day before Apple requires developers to provide a privacy report for every app available on the App Store. However, Google has now said that it will update its iOS apps with privacy details starting this week.

Since December 8, All developers are required to fill out a privacy report It contains all the information about the personal data every iOS app can access, such as location, browsing history, contacts, photos, and more.

By chance, as noted before Fast companyIn, Google stopped releasing updates to its iOS apps the day before Apple began implementing new app store guidelines. As a result, none of Google’s iOS apps has the new Privacy Report.

While the original report indicated that the company was avoiding the App Store privacy stickers, Google has now confirmed this TechCrunch That their iOS apps will be updated starting this week with this information. to me TechCrunchMost Google employees were down in late December due to holidays, so this is the reason why Google’s apps for iOS haven’t been updated since then.

While it may appear that Google is avoiding Apple’s new rules, we must also be careful about reading too much into the timing of the update. The slowdown in app updates for December isn’t unusual in any way. After reaching the comment, a Google spokesperson confirmed that the company has a plan to add privacy stickers across its catalog of apps.

The report also states that two Google apps for iOS, Google Slides and Socratic, were updated after Apple rolled out the App Store privacy stickers – although the apps still don’t have a privacy report. It is suggested that Apple gave Google more time to fit its apps according to the new privacy guidelines, but Google was not planning to break Apple’s rules.

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Google has not provided a specific date for releasing updates to its apps on the iOS app store, but the company has stated that it will start including the required privacy report as of this week or the next.

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