If the favorite teams won, the Dolphins would be a strange team in the AFC supplement race

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Chefs, Bills and Stealers have already clinched the tiebreakers in the AFC. Other qualifying venues will go to four of five teams: Titans, Colts, Browns, Ravens, and Dolphins. The dolphin squad is the most likely to be disqualified.

Based on Sunday’s Vegas stripes, the Dolphins will be the team to be disqualified if all the favorite teams win. The following are the points distributed for games related to the AFC match image:

Bills are a two-point favorite against the Dolphins.

The crows are the favorites, 11.5 points clear against Bengals.

Brown is a 9.5-point candidate against the Steelers.

The Colts are the favorites to win 14 points against Jaguar.

The Titans are the favorites, 7.5 points against Texas.

Billing coach Sean McDermott has it Denied disclosure Whether he was playing his starts on Sunday. If you play Bills to win, Dolphins will have to play a great game to beat the Bills, which will grab a tiebreaker. If Bills Josh Allen and the other major players rest, it will be a big favor to the Dolphins – and a blow to the Colts and the Titans, who will see their qualifying paths tight.

The good news for the Dolphins is that they are in control of their way to the playoffs. The bad news is that smart money is losing out to dolphins.

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