Lamar Jackson is hoping his first snowboarding match will not come on Saturday against Buffalo

Lamar Jackson does not sing „Let it Snow” before Saturday’s game in the Division Round against the Buffalo Bills.

The Baltimore midfielder Ravens, who grew up in Florida and played college football in Louisville, said he had „zero” experience playing soccer in the snow.

I’ve never played in the snow„Except for the first time I’ve seen snow in Louisville,” Jackson said Tuesday, „but we had a snowball game, which is very different from playing it,” Jackson said Tuesday. „Yes, this will definitely be the first time I have played football in the snow on Saturday. If it happens. I hope it won’t.”

As of Wednesday morning, The Weather Channel Predicts a 50% chance of snow. With backlogs of less than an inch. With a mixture of snow and rain expected in the area in the previous days Saturday night match, The chance of snowfall can fluctuate.

While Jackson hopes to avoid playing in the snow, infractions have a crucial advantage in items like these. They know where to turn, and provide a tactical advantage over defenders. It is difficult for defensive players to react on a slippery surface.

The most significant problem for Jackson could come if the wind blew around the park. Currently, forecasts fall in gusts of up to 20 mph. While snow can be beneficial for crimes, winds are definitely harmful. If strong winds combined with snow dust, Buffalo weather would loan Baltimore more Jackson ride and ground game than any regular competition.

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