Raiders have an interest in Gus Bradley as a defense coordinator

The invaders are expected to ask the Los Angeles Chargers for permission to interview Gus Bradley for the position of Defense Coordinator, and a person familiar with the situation confirmed,

Bradley has been working as Chargers ‘defense coordinator since 2017, but the sacking of Chargers’ coach Anthony Lynn on Monday may open the door to a Gruden / Bradley reunion in Las Vegas. Gruden, while he was head coach of Tampa Bay Buccaneers in 2006, he hired Bradley from North Dakota to be his coach for his full-back.

Chargers ranked 10th this year in Permissible Defensive Arena (343.3) and were in the top ten in this category for three consecutive seasons under Bradley’s leadership. They ranked 15th in total yards in 2017.

This year’s chargers release was allowed points. They ranked 23rd at 26.6 points per match. However, they ranked 10th in that category in 2018 at 20.6 points and 14th in 2018 at 21.1. Both totals would represent a significant upgrade over the 29.9 raiders surrendered this year.

After serving as a coach to Tampa Bay midfielders for two seasons, Bradley moved to Seattle as Defense Coordinator for the Seahawks from 2009 to 2012 and helped build the Legion of Boom defenses that helped the Seahawks reach two Super Bowls and win Super Bowl XLVIII.

Bradley is a high-energy, communicative and passionate mentor who is interested in identifying and developing talent.

In Seattle, Bradley helped convert Cam Chancellor (5th round) KG Wright (4th round), Bobby Wagner (2nd round) and Richard Sherman (5th round) into defensive stars. Additionally, Earl Thomas and Bruce Irvine were first-round picks during Bradley’s stay in Seattle.

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