Riz Ahmed married the wife of Fatima Farahin Mirza Sara

Contact this Voice of the name of Riz Ahmed’s wife. When Metal sound star Let’s just get away with having recently married Luis Theroux Earthed Podcast, He didn’t mention his wife’s name, but he changed his mind when he spoke to Jimmy Fallon on January 13th Tonight Show. The lucky lady? Fatima Farahin Mirza „A Wonderful Novelist” Acclaimed 2018 debut, A place for usHe was from New York Times And best seller 2019 One Book, New York Finalists. Ahmad He met Mirza in a New York cafe while he was working at his home Metal sound Job. „We were scrambling at the same laptop tethering point,” he said. „It’s like a very modern way to meet.”

One thing led to another, and the two eventually got married in a „very intimate” backyard ceremony. Ahmed told Fallon that he did not mean it to be an apparently „secret” wedding. „I never know the amount of exaggeration,” he explained. „Like, I’m a fan of matcha latte, but it never happened. I’m not a secret drinker of matcha latte.” Not anymore, at least! But what’s the best part of his little pandemic wedding? “You didn’t have 500 aunts hanging around, pinching your cheeks,” Ahmed said. „There’s no disdain for aunts, but Asian weddings are big, and they always get these guys out of woodwork, which I think maybe some kind of scammer. They smell kebabs on the street and just walk around, like,” Yeah, I knew you when I Kid! ”

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