The AFC Divisions Tour features the smallest group of midfielders ever

Baltimore Ravens vs Buffalo Bills

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The qualifiers will give us NFC Oldest quarterback match ever End of this week. In the AFC, it’s a different story.

All four key midfielders whose teams have advanced to the preliminary round of the Asian qualifiers are aged 25 or younger. It is the first time that all four of the midfielders in qualifying matches at a single conference have been 25 or younger.

On Saturday crows quarterback Lamar Jackson, Who has turned 24, will face Bills Quarterback Josh Allen, aged 24 and 9. On Sunday, 25 years of quarterback heads Patrick Mahomes It takes 25 years quarterback brown Baker Mayfield.

Mayfield, Allen and Jackson were all first-round selections in the 2018 NFL draft, and this is also the first time that three players from the same role have been in the same playoffs at the same conference.

The Jackson vs. Allen match will be the fourth round of team matches between 24 midfielders or younger in the Super Bowl era. The previous three cases were Dan Marino vs Bernie Cossar after the 1985 season, Dawn Culpeper vs Aaron Brooks after the 2000 season and Mahomes vs. Deshawn Watson last year.

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