The Epic Games Store makes another free game the day after Christmas

The Epic Games Store offers another free game, this one the day after Christmas. However, it is only available until 11 AM EST tomorrow. After that, it will return to its normal rate. However, if you download before then, not only will you be able to play it for free, you can keep it and play it whenever you want, assuming you keep the same account with which you downloaded it.

Until tomorrow morning, all Epic Games Store users can download My time Portia, Which was finally launched last year by developer Pathea Games and publisher Team17 Digital. Despite being decisively short, the game has managed to find a very large player base. At the moment of publishing, it had a „very positive” Steam user rating, with 93 percent of the more than 22,000 reviews rated the game positive.

As noted, on Metacritic, the game did not run well, with the PC version currently at 73. However, the game usually runs at $ 30 and offers a lot of content, making it a great choice in addition to being a risk-free company.

„Start a new life in the charming city of Portia,” reads the official elevator stadium for the game. „Return Pa’s neglected workshop to its former glory by fulfilling commissions, planting crops, raising animals, and friendship with exotic inhabitants of this enchanting land after the end of the world!”

At time of publication, the Epic Games Store has not announced the free game of tomorrow, but thanks Recent leakWe know what it will be. On December 27, the Epic Games Store will be distributed Night in the woodsIt is a less popular game, but a more critically-acclaimed experience.

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