This Jaguar XJS range is moving into a powerful chain of events

This is the V12 Jaguar XJS. You may have seen one before. It might have been rusting away in the back of the car fixOr, vanishing into a side street on the other side of town. But this is different, because One of the greatest stories in motor racing could not happen without it.

Every year, most of Jalopnik’s chosen members – well, only me this year – brought you the best Group C and GT1 races from the 1980s and 1990s. We even had a group B gathering one time. But for some reason we haven’t covered the most successful racing formula ever. It’s an embarrassing title Group A-smasWorth a celebration.

This thing is driven by Tom Walkinshaw Racing or TWR. You don’t have to get into the story of this car without taking it to its most sensual level. You have to see it torn apart around one of the greatest racing circuits in the world, faster than anything else of its time. This is 1985 James Hardy 1000, who we know better as Bathurst 1000 these days, runs up and down Mt. Panorama in Australia. Usually it’s the domain of Fords and Holdens, but in ’85, Tom Walkinshaw ran the show in the hugely shoddy Jag. It wasn’t easy with the look of his bosom:

This wasn’t the first big hit for TWR and XJS. The team was Joined in 1982 European Touring Car Championship When the series switched over to the homogeneity rules of Group A, by the end of that year it was already starting to make gains. Tom won the series completely in 1984, and by 1985 made history in Bathurst.

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I’ll turn back the clock a little bit to that first Group A TWR XJS. Due to its four-speed transmission it had three times as many cylinders as gears, and Tom Walkenshaw had to handle 3,100 pounds of the 375-hp car around the great tracks in Europe, as he noted By the time Tom Bathurst won, he had at least five speeds.

I mean, Luxury car An overwhelming competition in a scary road course is great in itself. But there’s more to this car. Tom Walkinshaw XJS Was the first In association with Jaguar, it has grown from a Group A touring car company to a full-fledged prototype program for the Series C. Just a few years later, TWR led Jaguar to an all-out victory in the Le Mans 24 Hours, from XJS to XJR-9.

This success had two important consequences. The first is that he may have single-handedly past Aston Martin’s chance to return to glory at Le Mans, the orphan. Promising prototype AMR-1. Ford oversaw both Jaguar and Aston at the time, and only provided budget space for one of them. You can say that it is a JaguarChoke uccess any chance of glory for Aston.

What’s more, TWR Jags Ended up living more racing series in which they fully competed, and Jaguar participating in sports car racing as well. When Group C died, TWR kept that up, and converted the subsequent XJR-14 to Mazda for a year as the MXR-01 before taking it under its own wing. What was previously the XJR-14, the latest development of the Jaguar sports car program that began with the A-Group XJS, has become the TWR WSC-95. With the Porsche Six flat behind Driver Unlike the large Jaguar V12, the Le Mans won two years in a row, in 1996 and 1997.

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Can we really attribute three wins in 24 Hours of Le Mans and destroy another diamond?The entire nufacturer program? I mean, if you only look at the facts, that seems to be overkill. But when you see this car, hear it in action, I think you and I know there is nothing this thing cannot do.

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