Vultures are unfazed by the report of the ruptured relationship between Carson Wentz and Doug Pederson

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The Eagles were not alarmed by ESPN’s first report Carson Wentz He wants out, and the vultures also don’t bother them second.

Two weeks after Adam Shifter mentioned it Wentz wants out if it isn’t the start of 2021Chris Mortensen reports that Wintz wants out of this period.

Bear Mortenson, the relationship between Wentz and coach Doug Pederson is „Can not be Fixed. „

League insiders continue to view these reports as a proxy-driven power game, with no credence to the idea that Wintz wants out until he says it himself. Importantly, neither report caused the Eagles to hesitate in their intention, as we explained earlier, to pause the pressure after the season ends and then formulate a plan for the quarterback position in 2021. Wintz can be reinstalled as a start to the season. At a minimum, he can get a fair chance to be competitive for the job.

That doesn’t mean Wentz is guaranteed to be next year’s eagle. But the idea is that the vultures will not panic, turn up, or panic in response to the report that Wintz and Pederson have crossed the point of no return.

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