Xinjiang Uyghurs: UK fined companies that do not disclose imports linked to the Chinese region

British Foreign Secretary Dominic Raab announced the new measures on Tuesday, which the Foreign Office says are designed to ensure that all UK organizations „are not complicit in or benefit from human rights violations in Xinjiang.”

The British government will also review UK products that can be exported to Xinjiang, and will issue new guidelines that „identify the specific risks faced by companies with links to Xinjiang … and highlight effective due diligence challenges there”.

The US State Department appreciates that Up to 2 million IgorThey, along with members of other Muslim minorities, are held in a sprawling network of internment camps in Xinjiang.

Beijing has long defended the crackdown in Xinjiang as necessary to counter extremism and terrorism, claiming that its facilities are voluntary „training centers” where people learn professional skills, the Chinese language and laws.

„The evidence of the scale and severity of human rights violations being committed in Xinjiang against Uyghur Muslims is now far reaching,” Raab told members of parliament. He said that the new measures aim to „send a clear message that these human rights violations are unacceptable, and to protect companies and public bodies in the United Kingdom from any participation or association with them.”

Raab also called on the UN to reach Xinjiang to verify allegations of forced labor and other human rights violations.

Washington has taken Its own steps To reduce imports from Xinjiang. Last month, the Trump administration announced it would ban importing cotton from there – the most recent restriction related to the region.

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