Stefon Diggs, Cole Beasley, and Bills WRs give Coach Chad Hall a great Christmas gift (watch)

It is the season of giving and Buffalo billsThe wide receivers did not disappoint.

On Christmas Eve, the unit spent time with Broad Receptionist coach Chad Hall. At some point during the meeting, the recipients brought the room outside. With a winter hat covering his face, Stephon Digges and Andre Roberts walked close to his gift. When the time was right, Roberts removed the beanie so Hall could see his present, a brand new truck.

The recipients cheered as Hall looked astonished at his new car and told Hall he would have to keep his current car in the back.

In the video below, which was originally shared by Isaiah McKenzie on Instagram but now deleted, Cole Beasley says the idea of ​​getting Hall a new truck was Gabriel Davis’ idea. He came to Beasley and Diggs with an idea and pooled their money together to buy the truck.

Hole has received a lot of praise from his recipients this season.

Stephon Digges called Hall „one, if not the best coach” He came back in October and He recently praised the coach again To contribute to his success this season. Diggs, in his first season with the Bills, already holds the team record for receptions in one season. It is currently the first in the league to catch.

Beasley also praised Hall. At a press conference with the media earlier this year, Paisley talked about how Hall deals with everyone’s personalities.

„He knows how the men feel during the match,” Beasley said. “He knows how to act when one of our men makes a mistake, to keep us going, to keep us playing well and not focusing on him too much. He does a great job managing all the big characters in our room. There are a lot of players with a lot of talent, so when you have that, I mean , Everyone wants the ball in every match. Trying to control this atmosphere, you know, is easier said than done. He did a great job at it, probably better than anyone I’ve ever been around. I know he helped my game a lot. In the fighting despite the bad plays. „

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Much like Diggs, Beasley also has a year at Buffalo. He has already achieved his career highs in Receptions (79) and Arena (950) with two matches remaining.

Buffalo Bills recipient Cole Beasley (11) hears a broad-based reception coach Chad Hall during the second quarter of the NFL football game against the Los Angeles Rams, Sunday, September 27, 2020, in Orchard Park, New York (AP Photo / Brett Carlsen)AP

In addition to Buffalo’s top two receivers in 2020, Hall has been an asset to the likes of John Brown (1,060 yards in 2019), rookie Gabriel Davis (6 touchdowns), Isaiah Mackenzie, and others as he helped shape the Bills receivers into one of the league’s best units .

After all that Hall had done for them, the unit seemed more than happy to do something for their coach on Christmas Eve.

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